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Jay Megginson and Drew Howard are Barstow Revival, which they describe as “eclectic, soulful, psychedelic Americana…”

Jay Megginson is new to the music scene. He started writing music in 2016, and hasn’t stopped since. His lyrics are tight, thoughtful, and honest, encompassing topics such as love, religion, tractors and rednecks, with more than a little humor, and his vocals are soulful and dynamic.

Drew, recently relocated to Fairhope, AL from Austin, TX, has been a professional musician for over 20 years and has toured, written and collaborated with many world class musicians. His guitar work is unique and mesmerizing, employing a complete command of the fret board with an artistic use of effects.

Live…they never let you down -“bringing it” to every audience with intensity, honesty, and grit. Shows are never the same, nor are the songs, as Jay and Drew enjoy the dynamics of playing music together.

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